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A little story about me...

I became a doctor a long time least that’s what I feel. I guess the reason being that the process of learning is just very lengthy. But of course, I have no complaints. Rather the complaints that I did have a while back, as my other colleagues who will read this article will know, have considerably reduced. Becoming a doctor is more frustrating than challenging. I think whatever challenge exists is how to overcome the frustration that unavoidably engulfs you over the years of learning! I think I might have learnt just how to do that, like many others and thus I still remain in my profession. I remember the day I got my degree. It was an overwhelming and powerful feeling. The fact that I was finally a graduate was an awesome feeling. But it doesn't end there for many people, and neither did it end there for me. I wanted to learn further and explore different fields that existed. I had my options, fields which I had prioritized during my learning years. I wanted to become a physician. But then again, it wasn’t going to be that simple. Rather it had become tougher. Just when you think that you came, you saw and you conquered you get a hard blow and poof it all vanishes. Like the lakhs of students who have to give entrance exams for admissions into their field of choice, I had to do the same. It was tough. And I never got through, neither