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Hair Dyeing = Hair Dying? #Didyouknow

Is your hair dying because of dyeing?

1. Ideally choose a colour that is within 3 shades of your original hair color

Remember... lighter the hair color more the damage because increased quantities of peroxide (Bleach) is used...!!!

2. Apply away from the hair roots

The chemicals, in the long run can affect the hair roots and cause oxidative damage which can possibly lead to premature greying of hair.

3. Use ammonia free and PPD free hair colours

These prevent the development of Contact Allergic dermatitis (CAD). CAD is a very common cause for discontinuation of hair colour. Because once you develop allergy to an ingredient, it stays for life!

4. Make sure your Mehendi's are truly chemical free

Many Mehendi's (under the guise of being natural)have colourants and PPD. Kali mehendi is one such product. SO READ THE CONTENTS OF THE PACK YOU ARE USING. It is good to be aware of what product you are using on you hair. If you ask me, I feel the mehendi deposits on the hair shaft and stays on thus leading to dry hair. Plus, just because it's mehendi... doesn't mean it's PURELY HERBAL and safe. Always read the pack contents!

5. Pre-conditioning is important

Any colour is going to damage your hair. So preconditioning with plain pure coconut oil just 30 minutes before a head bath works wonders. It helps repair the already and permanently damaged coloured hair cuticle.

6. Shampooing?

Use sulfate free shampoos. Coloured hair is damaged and dry hair no matter how 'good' or 'expensive' the product you've used. Shampoos with the word laureth or lauryl sulfate all cause lathering and this lathering causes further dryness of the hair shaft leading to frizzy and dry hair.

7. Post-conditioning is equally important

Use a good conditioner post shampooing. Apply and keep the conditioner on for at least 5 minutes. On weekdays and holidays... apply and keep for as long as 20 to 30 minutes. This helps in 'deep' conditioning of the hair. Helps in restoring the cuticle damage.

So all you would be Blondies and Red heads and Torquoise heads...

Think before you Dye!


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