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'Holi'Day Frequently Asked Questions

The skin being the largest organ of the body is the most traumatized at the expense of our joy. A lot of people instead of taking precautionary steps crib on how 'bad' the skin has become or rush to a dermatologist with a rash.

Here are some FAQ's that might help you get answers.

1. Do I use a sunscreen ?

My suggestion: Yes! Using a good water resistant sunscreen with a SPF of 26 or more, 30 minutes before you get out in to the sun will help prevent the damage caused by the sun. But remember, this will not prevent a tan but will certainly reduce the chances.

I don't suggest: Using a sunscreen just before start to play. Sunscreen takes 30 minutes to bind to the cells and get activated.

2. Any other way of protecting the skin?

Colours are after all chemicals and even though we see a lot of organic colours being introduced in the market it is always either difficult to get hold of them or they may be expensive or may even be sold out!

My suggestion: Apply coconut oil liberally all over the body before you start playing colours. I personally feel that irrespective of skin type, coconut oil will create a layer of protection largely preventing the colours from seeping into the skin!

I don't suggest: Using a mixture of oils. Pure coconut oil will always work better than your routine cocktail of olive or almonds or mustard! The structure of the coconut oil is very near the structure of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of our skins... so it tends to fill the gaps like a jigsaw puzzle.

3. Things to follow while playing Holi?

My suggestion: For as long as you can stick to dry colours. Avoid getting wet unless you have to get wet! Wet skin is more porous. This means that the colours tend to seep in more and get absorbed quickly. So that you don't end up getting that itchy rash after, play with dry colours.

I don't suggest: Playing with permanent oil colours or varnish etc. (Yes, people can get overzealous!)These colours don't tend to get washed away so quickly.

4. How to wash the colours off?

My suggestion: Just before your shower reapply a layer of coconut oil for 10 minutes. Use lukewarm water and use a good cleansing body wash that suits your skin and gently try to dislodge the coloured particles off of your skin. Take your time. Remove the colour that easily comes off!

Do not use pumice stones or loofahs!

I don't suggest:

Using a loofah or a brush or a katha or a pumice stone! Do remember its your skin and not a colour palette! Also, hot water is a no no! Stick to lukewarm.

5. What to do after washing the colours off?

My suggestion: Pat your skin dry with a soft cotton towel and apply a good layer of a moisturizing lotion of your choice on damp skin. Damp skin will not only absorb more moisturizer but it will help the spread the moisturizing lotion evenly. Don't forget to apply a layer of sunscreen lotion on top to avoid tanning.

I don't suggest: Scrubbing your skin with the towel! You will cause microtrauma thus inviting an itchy rash.

Wishing you all a day full of 'Holi'ness!

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